Fat Smash Diet

Fat Smash Diet

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The Fat Smash Diet is found in the book of the same name, which is written by Ian K. Smith, M.D.

The principle behind the name is that you achieve your weight-loss goals by smashing bad habits and misconceptions about diet.

The diet follows a 90 day program in 4 phases – detox, foundation, construction, and the temple.

The Fat Smash Diet is also used by popular TV show Celebrity Fit Club.

Fat Smash Diet Program

The Fat Smash Diet lays out your plan over 90 days for developing healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, to promote fat loss and maintain a healthy weight.

Phase 1 – Detox (9 days)

Diet is essentially vegetarian – mainly fruits and vegetables (raw or steamed/grilled) to absorb natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals in 4 or 5 small daily portions, 3 hours apart, with plenty of water – plus daily exercise (30 minutes cardiovascular exercise 5 days a week, or a walk after dinner for up to 25 minutes).

This phase rids the body of toxins and impurities, developing a good basis for the following phases.

Phase 2 – Foundation (3 weeks)

Additional foods are allowed from a given list (lean meat/seafood, selected cereals and extra dairy), and physical activity is increased by up to 15%. The eating regimen of phase 1 is maintained (strictly no meals to be skipped) including plenty of fruit and vegetables, and fried foods are a ‘no-no’.

This phase establishes good eating and exercise habits for a healthy ongoing lifestyle.

Phase 3 – Construction (4 weeks)

Yet more additional foods are allowed from a given list (such as pasta and bread), portion sizes may be increased maintaining plenty of fruit and vegetables as before, with at least 4 daily meals stipulated.

1 non-fruit dessert per day is permitted (1 scoop low fat ice cream or 2-3 cookies or graham crackers) and physical activity is again increased by up to 25%.

This phase builds the diet plan up from the earlier ‘toning-down’ phases.

Phase 4 – The Temple (remainder of the 90 days)

Most foods previously denied may now be included in limited quantities, and physical activity set at 1 hour for each of 5 days weekly.

This phase is to maintain the ‘temple’ of your body, in which your lifestyle achieves a balance for maintaining your desired body weight. If your goal weight has not been reached by the end of the 90 days, phase 1 may be repeated.

Fat Smash Diet Book

The Fat Smash Diet book by Dr. Ian K. Smith M.D. contains the program philosophy and details of each of the 4 phases of the program, plus 83 pages of recipes and menu ideas. The book has four appendices of useful information:

  • A body mass index chart for setting your weight goal.
  • The fiber content of common foods for increasing your dietary fiber intake.
  • Food nutrition label information.
  • Calorie expenditure charts for common exercise/physical activity programs.


The Fat Smash Diet program has a growing following, especially given the exposure through Dr. Smith’s involvement with the VH1 Celebrity Fit Club. Many testimonials are positive about the results achieved, and the relative simplicity of the approach to weight loss as set out in the Fat Smash Diet.

This is a simple diet program, manageable and by all accounts helpful.

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