Free Diet and Meal Plans

Free Diet and Meal Plans

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Free Diet and Meal Plans

A series of meal plans forms the basis for any calorie-controlled diet. These examples will help you to get a handle on what your daily energy intake will look like.

Calculate your daily calories for maintenance or weight loss here.

Current government calorie recommendations are as follows:

  • Women (aged 19-30) – 2000
  • Women (aged 31-50) – 1800
  • Men (aged 19-30) – 2400
  • Men (aged 31-50) – 2200

These amounts are for weight maintenance (neither losing or gaining weight), and assume little or no physical activity. As we age, our basal metabolism lowers, as does our muscle mass.

By Number of Calories

  • 1000 Calorie Diet
  • 1050-1000 Calorie Diet
  • 1100 Calorie Diet Low fat.
  • 1200 Calorie Diet
    Meal plans for 2 days.
  • 1200 Calorie Diet
    Based on whole foods.
  • 1200 Calorie Diet
    from the Mayo Clinic Plan
  • 1350 Calorie Diet
    Low fat.
  • 1400 Calorie Diet
    Meal plans for 2 days.
  • 1450 Calorie Diet (Higher Protein)
    Detailed Meal plans for 4 days with calorie levels per meal.
  • 1500 Calorie Diet
    A moderate carb, lower fat meal plan for weight loss.
  • 1500 Calorie Diet
    High protein.
  • 1600 Calorie Diet
    Meal plans for 2 days.
  • 1600 Calorie Diet
    A sample from the NHLBI.
  • 1800 Calorie Diet

As a very basic guide, daily calories under 1600 will suit a smaller-framed woman looking to lose weight. 1600 Calories and above will suit men.

Sample Meal Plans from Popular Diets

These meal plans are a selection of extracts from a number of popular diets. To obtain further plans you will need to purchase the book.

  • South Beach Diet meal plan
    Full days menu for each of the three phases.
  • Jillian Michaels Diet Plan
    Offers visitors a free weight loss plan and the first 7 days of her program are free.
  • Personality Type Diet
    Meal plan for a day
  • Perricone’s 3 Day Nutritional Facelift
    3 Days of meal plans
  • Meal Plan for Kids and Teens
    Sample meal plan from the SlimKids program.
  • Slim Fast
    What does a day on the Slim Fast program look like?
  • Eating For Life / Body For Life
    A sample 1700 calorie plan from this successful program.
  • Sonoma Diet
    A sample of possible meal combinations.
  • Mayo Clinic Plan
    A 1200 Calorie plan based on the Mayo Clinic food pyramid.
  • Low Fat Diet Plan
    A full day’s menu for a low fat diet.
  • Cabbage Soup Diet
    The 7 day meal plans for the cabbage soup diet (not recommended).
  • 3 Day Diet

Calorie controlled diets do not suit everyone. If you are someone that is prone to obsessing over food, then measuring calories may ultimately cause more harm than good.

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